I help Ecommerce stores augment CRO with richer, more informative customer research, to boost sales beyond what CRO alone can do.




Switched from tactic to tactic grasping for the one that will resonate and bring you more customers, but with nothing to show other than valuable time lost?


Stared at your analytics questioning if there might be more to story than the numbers were telling you?


Or felt like you were making changes to your store and implementing marketing based off guesses, rather real information?


CRO tactics aren't magic bullets

Most the popular CRO sites use tactics from Amazon and other large ecommerce companies. They make it sound like a few little changes will reap huge rewards. But, your store has different needs than large ecommerce companies and will gather more actionable information if you are talking with your customers


The Numbers Don't Answer "Why?"

Interpeting the numbers often end up being a guessing game based on what your analytics are telling you, instead of actionable information. Amazon can make a change, get actionable data within hours and know very quickly if it is making a difference or not. It is often a struggle to get enough visitors to landing pages to have enough significance, much less a specific product page, cart, or checkout page.


customer Interviews Augment CRO

Customer interviews are key to unlocking huge insights into your store, products and customers beyond what CRO can provide alone. After a few conversations you can have greater insight into how your customers found your store, why your customers buy from you, and where they had challenges in checking out. In the end, this knowledge can help you improve your marketing strategies and tactics, ads and product messaging, and ultimately increase conversions.