How’d you hear about us? (cont.)

Yesterday, I talked about the online store my wife and I bought from that asked us, “How’d you hear about us?” in the checkout process. Beyond the questions I have from a value standpoint, I also thought our actual reaction was pretty telling. When the question came up, my wife turned to me and asked, “Do you remember how we heard about them?” Let me explain.

We started following this company several months ago because what they offered was interesting and something we use a lot day to day. My wife got on their email list and stayed up to date on the deals and different specials they would run from time to time. They Black Friday deal was really good, and though we missed it, their Cyber Monday deal was also really beneficial for us and we decided to make a purchase. But how did we hear about them? Neither of us remembered and now we had to fill out a required question in the checkout process to complete our purchase. We decided to just drop in Social Media and be done with it.

We had already entered most the important information, but we still could have backed out of the checkout process then due to this ‘friction’ from the question. Probably unlikely, but I would argue us entering anything that remotely made sense, can be just as problematic.

Now not only are the numbers not telling them the full story like we talked about yesterday, they might not even be telling them the truth at all and lead to misplacement of value for marketing and ultimately be lost time.

Onward and Upward,


Josiah Mory