Gotta Stop and Think

You may have heard this word ‘friction’ used in the CRO context before. Essentially, it is anything that might cause your users to stop and think. While it can be seen as a ‘problem’, there are times you want to bring you user to a point and have them make a decision. Maybe it is to see if they want to add more to their cart or maybe you want your customer to take notice of a special offer. There are many reasons you may want to introduce friction during your customer’s buying process. Generally, the entire checkout process of adding their address and payment information is friction (this is what made Amazon’s One Click Buy Button so effective). It is a necessary point of friction to allow you to actually get your customer what they purchased!

If you are introducing friction though, it is important it will be for either your business’s benefit or your customer’s benefit. In my story from the other day, this is one of the question I was asking. Is this friction worth the effort from your customer, worth the risk of losing your customer, and actually providing you valuable information.

If so, it is worth the friction. If not, better to get rid of it and find a way to get more information in a different more accurate form.


Josiah Mory