100 Rejections a Year

I love this article on Aiming for 100 Rejections a Year to make sure you keep growing and challenging yourself.

This quote in particular resonates with me:

“Since I’ve started aiming for rejections, not acceptances, I no longer dread submitting. I don’t flinch (much) when I receive inevitable form rejection emails. Instead of tucking my story or essay apologetically into a bottle and desperately casting it out to sea, I launch determined air raids of submission grenades, five or ten at a time. I wait for the rejections, line up my next tier of journals, and submit again.”

Half the battle is showing up and being persistent. Aim for rejections. I have some theories on why we don’t like to be rejected too. My goal is if I know why I am afraid of being rejected, I can overcome the fear long enough to do what I need to do.


Josiah Mory