Patience is always necessary

Waiting isn’t something we do well in our society anymore. We would much rather have and know our results right away.

Some say this is due to our society, but sometimes I wonder if it really is against human nature in general. We can often get things so quickly, whether it be information, food, ect.

However, it seems like results always take time and effort. It’s a fascinating thing. Want to learn to play an instrument, takes practice. Want to to learn to code, takes practice. Want to reach a lot of people, takes a marketing plan and seeing what works to reach them.

It really is tough to wait and give time to see results, but it really is important to give time to get eyes on what you are doing and see if it resonates. A way you can circumvent it is to talk to the people you are trying to serve and get feedback on what you are trying to create/market/draw them to, then you can use that information to get your content in front of them in easier ways.

But patience is always necessary.

Onward and Upward,


Josiah Mory