Locked Out

I locked myself out of my house this morning. 😖

Most weekdays start with me taking a 30 minute walk to get the blood flowing. When I walk, I usually take only the house key with me by sliding it off my key ring.

Somehow I didn’t notice that I slid the wrong key off the ring...till I and went to get back in. Confused to why I couldn’t get the key in the slot, I tried 3 times before I took a closer look at the key and discovered my mistake.

Now I am sitting at a table of a nearby park waiting for help to get into my house. Yep I feel like a dumbass.

I really believe customer interviews are like a key to unlock huge insights into your store, products and customers. I could break a window and get in to my house, but it is just easier to get the right key. Interviewing customers give you a key to easy information.

Don’t break a window, just get the right key.

If you want help unlocking the door to insights for your store, just hit reply and we can set up a time to talk.

Onward and upward (and through the door),


Josiah Mory