The Value of a Key

After writing up yesterday’s email, I found no one who had my spare key would be able to come and get me into the apartment. So I had to call the apartment complex’s office. They happily offered to help, but let me know about the $40 _lockout fee_they have. Some quick math figured this is much cheaper than a locksmith or losing a full day of work.

So I said yes to the $40. Looking at this situation from a different perspective, the office is essentially a store owner. They have a product, the key, I need. I am in the position of customer. Access to the key means a more productive day ahead and was worth the $40.

Add to this that Googling for a locksmith I couldn’t even find a price without a call and doesn’t count the waiting. All in all I was happy to make this trade.

Your customers buy your product for a reason. They are looking at how your product will change their day. Talking with them allows you to discover why they buy and how they see your product making their day better.

Onward and Upward,


Josiah Mory