Something old or something new?

I had a question recently about the pros and cons of building a theme for your store as opposed to using one of the free shopify themes or a premium theme.

My first thought is few times are things so cut and dry in business. Knowing the context of why you might be looking to create your own theme is really important and can impact the conversation greatly.

However speaking generally, when you go to build your own theme you are taking on a lot of the overhead and complexity of just getting your store to work. You will be able to build it how you want, this is true. But there is a big cost to getting a theme to just work like any other theme. This is before you get the opportunity to make it work how you want it to work.

Being able to work with a prebuilt theme that has your store 70%-80% of the way there and bring in a developer to make customizations or make them yourself set you up to succeed for much lower cost.

As you reach higher revenue streams and begin to see places your current theme isn’t working, then considering going with a custom option is a more realistic option. You will have a clearer reason for why the current theme isn’t working and what you need from your custom theme.

If you are considering building your own theme and want someone to talk through your specific context, feel free to hit reply and we can chat.

Josiah Mory