The Middle’s Unique Release

Yesterday, I shared The Middle with you and mentioned it had an interesting release story.

The first time I heard the song was in a Target commercial while watching the Big Bang Theory or Young Sheldon. As typical with commercials, I didn’t really notice it the first couple times but after the 20th time of seeing the same one, the song started to stick with me.

I decided to google it and found it was a real song! Not only that, the music video for The Middle was premiered at the Grammys, in conjunction with Target. If you watch the music video it has a lot of Target brand elements; the kids dancing, the black and white rings, ect.

What I love about this is the marriage between capitalism and creativity. The song wasn’t written for Target per se (least from what I have read), yet before it really had become popular commercials started running with this great song. And there was obvious investment by the Target to have the music video relate to their brand.

I think we are reaching an interesting place where collaborations for the benefit of both the creator and commerce can be beneficial and create a unique and valuable experience for customers. We already do some of this in Ecommerce by creating content and looking for influencers, but I think there is more exploration to be had in the relationship between two fields that couldn’t seem further apart.

Discovering unique ways to pair your product and store message with interesting and creative marketing opportunities start with knowing your customers, what they consume, and where they are. The easiest way to find this out is to interview them.

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Have a great weekend!


Josiah Mory