Ear Candy

One of the things I love about pop music in the last 10 years is how a sound/instrument can appear for just a verse or chorus and isn’t heard again through the other parts of the song . This is possible because loops can be used to recreate those key pieces in a live performance.

For The Middle, that is the little synth line after each line of the chorus, the marching rhythm in the prechorus and the robotic ’backup vocals’ in the chorus .

In the past, computers and software to run loops were less reliable so it was less common to have a group using loops. You add to that mix, the possibility of human error (Ashlee Simpson, anyone?) and it is no surprise it is only in the last 10 years that using loops live have become common place.

I would bet most people don’t specifically notice these small nuances in the music. However, I would also bet that they would notice something was different if they were removed from the song and it was played again.

As usual, I don’t believe this is limited to just music and I see it apply to ecommerce too. This means there are little things we can do, which will and evenshould be subtle and go unnoticed, but can still change the perception of our customers. Things like using high quality images, removing the ‘powered by’, and using product descriptions that are more than just feature lists have been large factors I have seen change the perception of customers toward a store.

Onward and Upward,


Josiah Mory