Not just another purchase

Note: A couple people mentioned I forgot to send the link with yesterdays email. So here it is again. Sorry about that and again, if you sent it to someone, thank you for passing it on.

I think businesses are missing opportunities if they are not talking with their customers on a regular basis. Yeah, you probably knew that. I tend to be pretty vocal about it and if you have followed me for any amount of time, you have heard me say something along those lines.

Why does it matter though? What is lost?

Simon Sinek says this: “Most businesses have either no clue or flawed assumptions to why their customers are their customers”. Are assumptions enough to get close to the mark?

Yes, well maybe….if you are right.

My wife LOVES it when I assume the next thing she is going to say. **spoken with dripping sarcasm**

In reality, the problem with assuming is that we suck at it. It may not matter if I am completely off base with my wife’s next statement (though she might disagree), but basing a company strategy on assumptions? That will cost me.

Maybe money, maybe not. But it can also cost time and lost opportunities. So find out what your customer’s really think, what they really want, and why they really buy.

Don’t assume. You know what that does.

Onward and Upward,


Josiah Mory