You Need A Niche

Having a niche is a valuable part of any store’s marketing. It allows you to discover where your customers exist and market to them in their space…the place where they hang out and get information.

Having a niche also allows you to speak to their problems, their issues, and the experiences they are having in life. The most obvious place for this is in your product descriptions, but it can also help with the overall copy of your store and even the content you create.

Best of all, knowing your niche will allow you to speak in stories that resonate. People connect with stories. Knowing what stories will connect with your customers is key to any store’s success.

So, while customer interviews will work for you if you don’t have a niche, they have a larger impact when you do.

Interviews are also a great way to help you discover your niche, if you haven’t already.

Josiah Mory