How many will be attending?

When thinking about getting more sales…more conversions, I like to look at other areas and aspects of life, then bring them back to what I know and spend most my time thinking about…ecommerce.

Recently, I was talking to a buddy of mine about weddings. He and his fiancée are in the preparation stages for their wedding in August. As they plan, they are often polling their friends who have recently gotten married on different ideas and challenges…like how do you feed 250 people without it costing the same as a car. As we were chatting, we got talking about RSVPs to the wedding.

RSVPs are funny. When you receive one, they have a ton of pressure built into them.

When you receive a wedding invitation, it probably isn’t the first time you’ve heard about it. Save the dates usually went out a couple months before, you probably saw updates on social media and you may have even had a conversation with the friend/family member getting married.

Even RSVPs to an event smaller than a wedding still cause me to freak out a bit. Granted, I may not have known about it like I did the wedding, but I find it still hasn’t been the first I have heard about it.

Being on the ‘sending’ end, I remember trying to get those RSVPs back from people were so difficult. We had to chase down responses and yet when it came down to our actual wedding reception, we had about 50 people not show up. Yeah, there were some leftovers!

So why do RSVPs convert so poorly? They are often events for people we know or causes we support, but there is still a challenge. I’ll send you some thoughts on that tomorrow.

Josiah Mory