Send in that RSVP yet?

We left off yesterday speculating why RSVPs ‘convert’ so poorly and why they include so much pressure?

When I receive an invitation to something, my first questions are probably:

Can I make it? Do I have to make it?

Then I have to, right then and there, make a decision about who I am bringing. Can my wife can make it? Should I just go alone? What if something else comes up that day?

Often the next step is deciding right now what I want to eat. I can barely figure out what is for dinner the today, much less 6 weeks away.

If all those decisions weren’t enough, I now have to find a stamp. I try to keep a book of them around just for cases like this (and sending out a random ‘Thank you’ note), but half the time I don’t remember where I put them.

I have no desire to change the RSVP industry, so lets bring this back to ecommerce…

Are you making your customers do the equivalent of searching for a stamp when they checkout? Finding out how the process feels is often as simple as talking to your customers using interviews. It is often a great way to find out if your store is causing stress and resulting less checkouts.

Josiah Mory