Just wanna be liked

The second reason we are afraid of rejection is wanting to be liked.

Everyone _likes_to be liked. We want to be liked be our friends, seen as cool by strangers or hip to our kids. So if isn’t failure that is scaring us, it probably is fear of not being liked.

When I step back and look at it logically, I am amused I get so worried about what others think...specially strangers!

Coming from a creative background, there is always someone who thinks they could play better. Frankly, about half the time, it was true. In those moments, I would remember I needed to be authentic to me and remember the other expertise I also bring to the table too. Combined, I could usually snap myself out of any self doubt pretty quickly.

So while there is nothing wrong with the desire to be liked, we shouldn’t let it control us. And the faster we can overcome the fear we are facing, the faster we can begin to grow and change for the better.

How will you grow this weekend?


Josiah Mory