Movin’ on Up

This last week was moving week for me and my wife, culminating in moving a bunch of big things this weekend. The new place we were moving to allowed us to have a week overlap with our previous place, so at least once a day we would pack up our cars and bring a load over.

Moving in this way came with a few ‘quirks’. For example, we brought over all our clothes in the closet on hangars without packing them. Similarly, we just pulled out dresser drawers and moved them to the new place without bothering to pack up the contents inside.

At the end of Thursday, I mentioned to my wife that I felt we had gotten a lot accomplished, to which she quickly replied, “Yeah, but there is just so much more to do!”. It’s all about perspective, eh?

It struck me how we can sometimes get stuck on a perspective, neither of which are beneficial. If I decided to ‘be happy with what I accomplished’ and didn’t keep packing up more, only half the job would have been done. And if my wife only looked at everything that still needed to be moved and cleaned, I am sure she would have been overwhelmed and may have lost motivation.

Balance and perspective are keys to any venture. Creating ways for you to see all the perspectives of your current business, both where you have come from and what you have accomplished is key.

Onward and upward,


Josiah Mory