Where does your trust lie

My wife was washing the coffee carafe the other day and all the sudden…CRACK. Not sure why, but it broke into several pieces. In my house, coffee is a big deal! My wife and I both love our coffee and it is part of our morning routines. We checked a few of the local stores to see if they had it, but no luck, so I hopped on Amazon and ordered a new carafe.

I had some concern while ordering that it may not fit, and in a case like this, 2 day shipping seemed like it would be forever…but I have worked with Amazon’s customer support before. Every experience has been great. I have been able to return what didn’t work for me or have a resolution to the problem I was having.

On top of knowing the customer service experience would be easy if I had a problem, I also was able to read reviews from others who bought this carafe which further helped me determine it was the right fit.

In this instance my experience is what has built my trust with Amazon. I know how they will handle problems I might come across while ordering from them.

Onward and Upward,


Josiah Mory