When do people buy from not Amazon?

When do I not buy from Amazon? Are there times I would prefer to buy local or from a niche online store? Knowing the answer to this question for your ideal customer really is the key.

Personally, I think of 4 cases when I will not buy from Amazon:

  • I want more expertise from the company I am purchasing from.
  • I wasn’t looking for the product, but was recommended it (from a blog post, ect) and will go straight from the link to where I saw it.
  • I am a fan of the person selling the product and I know buying from them directly is better than going through Amazon.
  • I am worried about fit or seeing/working with the physical product before buying (typically in cases of clothes, shoes and things like furniture or musical instruments).

There might be more, but this is the list I could come up with.

Think about the purchases you made over the last couple months. What are your underlying reasons for not buying from Amazon?


Josiah Mory