Reviews just don’t cut it

Most the time I think of myself as pretty nerdy. I never had a pocket protector, but growing up I was always pretty good with computers and figuring out tech related things.

The older I’ve gotten though, I have focused down on what tech things I am into and know, usually focusing on things with specific business benefits. So a couple months ago, when it I wanted to order some memory for my Mac, I knew I might need to do a bit of research. I feel like Mac hardware is always a bit more squirrelly and I questioned if I can just drop the same sticks in my Mac. In cases like this, I turn to Other World Computing. They have a great walkthrough on their website where you select what you are looking for and what machine you have. It then recommends the hardware they carry for your specific machine.

It takes all the guess work out of which part I need to buy. Sure, they are a bit more expensive. But knowing it is the exact right thing I need or want is worth a ton to me.

Being seen as the expert is the easiest and most controllable way to generate trust from your potential customers. It starts by knowing what information they find important and providing it consistently. It’s not fast, but it’s a flywheel effect and will keep customers choosing you.

Onward and Upward, Josiah

Josiah Mory