The Opening Act Effect

As I have mentioned before, I worked in music. Throughout my career, I would often start working with an artist before they were ‘someone’. They had some songs, a label or a private label, and usually an EP (a collection of 3-5 songs, but not enough to constitute a full length album). Their goal was getting exposure, experience making music…their music with a band, and networking with promotors.

The generally accepted practice was to open, or start the show for larger acts that were similar in style. This would allow them to leverage the headliner’s audience and grow their own fanbase. If you Google ‘opening acts that became big’ you will see a huge list of bands and artists that opened for someone else to grow their audience.

As an ecommerce store, you are trying to grow your audience too. This is why every Shopify store has a blog built into it, content allows you to build your audience. But with the amount of content published today, it is difficult to get attention.

Being the ‘opening act’ and working with a blog, youtube channel, ect to create content for them in return for mentioning your store can be a huge opportunity and help you grow awareness and your audience.

If you don’t know where your customers are hanging out and get their information from, customer interviews are a great way to understand how to get in front of more ideal customers and build your audience.


Josiah Mory