One Month of emails

Sometimes you say you are gonna do something, but after a couple days or maybe a week, we lose momentum. We didn’t stick with it long enough to become habit, or to see results.

“I am going to eat better…”

”I am going to work out everyday…”

”I am going to read for 30 min before bed…”

If you are anything like me, you do this with tasks in your business too.

”I am going to research more…network more…stay on top of admin duties…”, the list goes on and on.

Well, today marks one month of sending out daily (every weekday) emails to my list talking about why I believe interviewing customers is so valuable and ecommerce in general. Some days have been a struggle, not gonna lie. Mostly it was just about setting aside the time to sit down and write something, rather than not knowing what to write about. Nonetheless, I have been proud to set out with a goal and stick to it.

What is one thing you need to schedule time for and begin implementing consistently in your business. I encourage you to go add it to your calendar now and start your streak!



Josiah Mory