So so cold..

This week I have been cold emailing owners, CEOs and CMOs of ecommerce stores, particularly ones in the Shopify space. I am mostly looking to have conversations with others who are in the space. As you would guess, there is a decently low response rate when reaching out in this manner.

What struck me is the difference between cold emailing and reaching out to your customers. I thought of 4 different ways it is different:

  • They already know who you are.
  • The already have a relationship (a buying relationship) with you.
  • They won’t assume you are trying to sell them somehthing
  • Depending on how well you are niched and creating valuable content in your space, they may be excited to get on the phone with you and talk with someone they look up to!

While reaching out to a list of customers feels like it is cold emailing, there are drastic differences from actual cold emailing. While it may not remove all your reservations, I promise it won’t be as difficult.


Josiah Mory