So you want to be a Zookeeper

When I was little, I idolized zookeepers.

I thought it would be so cool to be around animals all day. Not just domestic animals, but exotic ones too. To this day, I still love going to the zoo. When I was single, had decidedly more time on my hands, and lived 5 minutes from the Los Angeles Zoo, I would go every Monday. I would often just sit and watch the tigers play.

At some point, I realized that as a zookeeper you probably would need to pick up an elephant’s crap…and thought, “man, that’s too heavy shit…”

Okay not really, but it sounded funny in my head! The reality is as we grow older and our tastes and desires change, the people we look up to also change.

No matter at what stage of life though, those people have an impact at how we operate and what we like and dislike during that phase. It may look a little different. When I was little this may have looked like dressing like my idol or doing activities they did, but as I grow older it is usually consuming content produced by the people I look up to.

When one of these people put out new content for sale, I will often get it, partially to support what they are doing, and partially because I look up to them. Would I first go to look at their content on Amazon? Doubtfully. It is unlikely it is even there, but even if it was, I know buying directly will support them more and may come with some other benefits down the line.

So, be someone people look up to and they will often buy from you without looking anywhere else.

This is not too different from being an expert, but I differentiated them, because while you can be both of these things, different companies fall into different places on this spectrum.



Josiah Mory