Wrapping up on Trust

We’ve talked about several reasons why customers will trust someone other than your store. Most of our focus has been on how they will trust Amazon. But, we have also talked about ways to increase your trust with your buyers and even surpass the trust they have with a big company, like Amazon.

Another quote I liked from the article I shared yesterday was:

“Cognitive trust is based on our knowledge and evidence about those we choose to trust.”

This is what we are going for, Cognitive Trust. Trust based on evidence and knowledge. This can include return policies, support accessibility, social proof (ie reviews), amongst other things.

Depending on the type of marketing you are doing, you may dip into Affective Trust too by doing videos, podcast appearances, or blog posts where your customers feel they know you and have similar experiences.

Ultimately, trust is shown when someone buys from you. Understanding how you created trust for one customer, can help you understand how you can create greater trust for your next potential customer.

Have a great weekend!


Josiah Mory