Dark Patterns…

I saw this article from Shopify’s blog talking about Dark Patterns. The rather amusing and dramatic name of this concept aside, a dark pattern is a design or UX element put in place to trick users. The article does a great job of explaining and giving some examples of dark patterns we have seen around the web.

However, I think there is a deeper concept than the patterns alone which they don’t address. Namely, there are often times where were aren’t looking deceive or trick anyone with elements we put in our store, but it is how it ends up coming across to the customer. Generally, the way you will realize a design is an issue is by receiving refund requests from customers or other complaints from customer support. But not every customer reaches out via support.

It is one of the big reasons I love the open lines of feedback from your customers. It creates a faster cycle to understanding your store and customer experiences than analytics or support may provide.

Onward and upward,


Josiah Mory